Batching in the term means sorting, but in the concrete industry, it acts like a big scale and is responsible for weighing concrete materials, including sand.

Concrete batching or batching plant is an automatic system used to produce concrete on site. This system includes various devices such as mixers, silos, conveyors, etc., which operate automatically and allow workers to produce concrete with quality and uniformity. Concrete batching is used in construction projects, road construction and bridge construction.

A concrete production plant is known as batching plant, batch plant, or concrete batching plant, which consists of several devices for producing concrete with different materials, these materials include water, air, sand, sand, cement, and additives.

In concrete batching process, accuracy is one of the most important parameters. Before mixing, aggregates and concrete materials are properly mixed and we get proper mixed concrete that is accurate and well mixed. According to the concrete mixing plan and the use of built-in pumps, this device pours cement from the silos and aggregates from the depot centers with different proportions into the boiler, and then the water is directed into this part. After this stage, the ingredients of concrete are mixed and removed from the discharge area. Using a concrete batching machine greatly reduces the time of mixing concrete, and at the same time, the obtained concrete has a better quality.

Components of concrete batching machine

The batching plant or concrete device consists of the following different parts.

1. Feeder or sand tanks: The required sand is stored separately in this part, which is made from three to six houses.

2. Operator’s room: This part controls all the valves and the weight and amount of materials by one operator.

3. Cement transfer spirals: This part is responsible for transferring cement from the silos to the cement weigher.

4. Water meter: The volume of water needed in each batch is measured by the water meter.

5. Sand scale: This part can measure the required sand and transfer it to the mixer.

6. Mixer pot: To mix cement, sand, sand and water, these materials must enter the other part of the mixer.

7. Cement scale: Cement is stored in silos. Of course, because cement has different types, each type of cement is poured in a separate part.

8. Cement silos: This part of the concrete batching machine is used to store cement, which can be one to five silos. The concrete center station determines the number of silos required.

9. Water storage source: The water required for concrete enters the mixer after automatic measurement by the water meter.

The method of producing ready-mixed concrete is done in two general types:
Dry batching plant
Batching plant