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MPK Fertilizer Production Line – Compost Fertilizer – Urea Phosphate

Compost fertilizer and urea phosphate production line is an industrial production line that is used to produce compost fertilizer and urea phosphate. This production line includes various stages including raw materials, compounding, grinding, mixing, packaging and labeling. The first step in the production line of compost fertilizer and urea phosphate is the preparation of raw materials. These materials also include organic materials that are used to produce compost. Also, chemicals such as urea and phosphate are also used as raw materials. In the second step, the raw materials are milled. In this step, the material is ground to the proper size to obtain the optimal particle size for mixing with other materials. After grinding, the ingredients reach the mixing stage. In this step, the materials are mixed with each other accurately and at a certain rate to obtain a suitable mixture for the production of compost and urea phosphate. Usually, in this step, a combination of organic materials and chemicals are used. In the next step, compost and urea phosphate are packed. At this stage, the fertilizer is packed in appropriate packages and packed in the appropriate amount of weight that has been determined. Finally, packages of compost and urea phosphate are labeled. Labels include information such as production date, ingredients and how to use the fertilizer. In general, the production line of compost fertilizer and urea phosphate is an industrial production line that is used to produce compost fertilizer and urea phosphate, and includes various steps, including preparation of raw materials, grinding, mixing, packaging and labeling.

Salimi Azar Company

Salimi Azar Company is one of the leading companies in the field of producing double-wall mixers in Iran. This company was established in Tabriz in 1378 with the aim of producing double-walled and double-walled mixer devices, and currently, with more than 20 years of experience, it produces high-quality and high-tech products.

Relying on research and development and using the latest technologies available in the world, Salimi Azar Company has been able to produce high-quality and multi-functional double-wall mixer devices. The company currently exports its products to domestic and foreign markets, including Persian Gulf countries and Asian countries.

Among the products of Salimi Azar company, we can mention the double-walled and double-walled mixer devices with different volumes, mixer devices with ventilation system, mixer devices with heating and cooling system, and also mixer devices with intelligent controller.

Due to the experience and expertise of Salimi Azar company in the field of production of double-wall mixers, you can use the quality and performance of this company’s products with confidence.

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As a manufacturer and importer of industrial machinery and production lines, Salimi Azar Industrial Machinery is proud to provide scientific services in the field of import and trade and international contracts, as well as receiving representation and providing foreign trade advice to import and export trading companies. .