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The Washing Powder Production Line is an industrial production line used to produce washing powder. This production line includes various stages including raw materials, compounding, grinding, mixing, packaging, and labeling. The first step in the washing powder production line is the preparation of raw materials. These ingredients include detergents, antibacterial powders, enzymes, and other additives that are combined in a special way to produce the final laundry powder. In the second step, the raw materials are milled. In this step, the material is ground to the proper size to obtain the optimal particle size for mixing with other materials. After grinding, the ingredients reach the mixing stage. In this step, the materials are mixed with each other accurately and at a certain rate to obtain a suitable composition for the production of laundry powder. Usually, at this stage, a combination of detergents, antibacterial powders, enzymes, and other additives are used. In the next step, the washing powder is packaged. At this stage, the washing powder is packed in suitable envelopes and packed in the appropriate amount of weight that has been determined. Finally, the laundry detergent packets are labeled. Labels include information such as production date, ingredients, and how to use the powder. In general, the washing powder production line is an industrial production line that is used to produce washing powder and includes various steps such as the preparation of raw materials, grinding, mixing, packaging, and labeling. Salimi Azar Washing Powder Production Line can produce 1 ton of product every hour. This device works fully automatically and is equipped with an industrial control system. Laundry powder produced in chemical industry production lines reduces mineral deposits on fabric and metal surfaces.

Raw materials of light washing powder production line

alkaline liquids (caustic soda)

Sodium silicate 30-55%

caustic soda 30-40%

Glauber’s zeolite and salt

Sulphonic acid

65 to 70% water

Sodium silicate

Sodium carbonate


Product production process in the light detergent production line

In the slurry preparation unit, which depends on different combinations of detergents, all kinds of liquid and solid materials are heated and these solids turn into liquid. With slow shaking, they enter the tank and this action makes the material stable and uniform. Then, by the frame mixer pump and the weight sensor, the dose of each material entering the mixer tank is controlled. The slurry is ground at high speed in the tank and filtered by the homogenizing mill. Then, after passing through the high pressure pump, the slurry is transferred to the spray gun at the top of the spray tower and is molded after cleaning and drying.


The hot air source of the device can be supplied with natural gas, oil fuel or burnt coal. The main equipment at this stage is: (stove, heater and burner group), the structure of each of which is different. In the next step, the slurry is homogenized at the top of the tower by the spray dryer, which is in the form of a conical pulverizer column, and the hot air moves uniformly from the tube into the annular tube from the bottom and transfers the heat. After that, they dry and form a hollow granular washing powder. Inside the powder column, there is a device for sweeping, which can clean the powder stuck to the column wall in a rotating manner. Then the produced material is removed by the conveyor belt and transferred to the air cooling unit and tail gas for wastewater treatment.


The temperature of the detergent is much higher than the cooling tower and needs to be cooled. At this stage, the detergent is cooled by the air cooler and separated from the air by the solution separator in the upper part, and then the air goes to the exhaust of the purification unit. The gas is transferred. In the wastewater treatment unit of the washing powder production line, the exhaust gas from the top of the powder tower and the solution separator enters the wastewater treatment.


In the next step, some components in detergents have a high temperature. Therefore, all kinds of enzymes and other solid raw materials such as soda ash are continuously entered into the mixer by belt scales with the formula, and then the base powder and all other materials are uniformly mixed and transferred to the packing room. In the final packaging stage of the product, detergents are transferred to plastic bags using a semi-automatic gravity method. In the stage of transportation and storage of raw materials, water, electricity and current are needed, which have configurations are different

Product features

These powders are much cheaper than other detergents.

Powders are more durable than liquids and can be stored.

Consumable parts of the washing powder production line

Engine valves

Liquid purification equipment

Wire brush: (it has a higher filtration capacity than the frame filter and is suitable for all types of capacities)

Centrifugal filter: (basically it consists of shell, high-speed rotating needle box and moving steel)

Frame filter: (Basically, it consists of a shell, submerged and motionless, box and gear. In this method, the filtration ability is not high and it can be used for the detergent powder production line in a small capacity)

Forced, forced filter: (It is mainly composed of a shell, a stationary sheath box, a lathe with a high rotation speed, and it has a higher filtration efficiency than a centrifugal filter. It is suitable for different capacities)

  • The main equipment of the washing powder production line

     Lower tower

    Guard tower

    Electric filter

    Sprinkler tower

    Conveyor belt

    Tail gas fan


    Air duct

    Conveyor belt

    Air fan

    Shaky screen

    Enzyme bucket

    Conveyor belt


    Base powder bucket

Air bag filter

Blue ion box

Vertical elevator

Water weighing funnel

Air feeding funnel

Exhaust spray pump

Exhaust spray tank

Cyclone separator

Hot water circulation pump

Gasoline powder bucket

Lift the sweeper tower

Enzyme electronic scale

Slurry homogenization pump

Send static mixer

Grout spray gun and filter

Blue ion electronic scale

Sodium silicate discharge pump

Sodium silicate delivery pump

Sodium silicate storage tank

Sodium silicate weighing funnel

Pool and waste water recycling pump

Storage tank for washing powder production line

Essential oil transfer pump and device

Sulfonic acid storage tank of the device

Pool and slurry recycling pump and discharge pump

Washing tank for spraying with a hand pump

Essential oil metering pump and production line

Towerless powder production line:

The powder production line without tower is the same as heavy powder (hand powder).

For almost 30 years, manual and machine washing powders have been considered one of the most important and widely used key additives in household purchases. Before modern detergent formulations such as manual and machine powders, soap and sodium carbonate were the main components. The production of detergents and clothes cleaners was known, and the cleaning of clothes mostly depended on mechanical operations.

Some clothes, such as clothes with white colors, are better to be washed by hand. In order to wash these clothes cleanly and accurately, hand washing powders were released to the market. These powders are usually able to remove visible and invisible stains on the clothes. Some of these powders have enzymes such as lipase, amylase, etc., which are very effective in removing all kinds of stains, grease, and dirt from clothes with one wash.

The composition of hand powders should be compatible with the skin of the hand so as not to cause peeling or exfoliation. Usually, this product has a pleasant scent that makes the clothes fragrant.



Manual powder production process:

Shearing and granule shaping: Materials feeding → double screw stirring → shearing and granule

Shaping → discharging → automatic cleaning → automatic reset → automatic conveying → granule shaping → secondary conveying → inspection → sealing → finished products



 The powder packaging machine is produced fully automatic and semi-automatic with special designs and different options. In the fully automatic type of this product, there is no human intervention and the operator gives the desired program to the machine through the screen and all the steps are closed. Packing is done automatically. In the semi-automatic model, some packing steps are done manually.

Washing powder production line
Type of production: production of laundry powder / hand powder / dishwashing powder
With light/semi-heavy and heavy density
Capacity of 30 tons in 24 hours
Line automation: fully automatic PLC
The power consumption of the whole line is 100 amperes
The required area is 500 square meters, at least semi-sanitary
Line included
A 2000 liter horizontal double-walled mixer made of 304 stainless steel, equipped with an acid spray system.
A 2000 horizontal mixer of the Stanley 304 Negir type, equipped with an essential oil spray system.
Do not take a six-meter rotating cooling device of stainless steel 304 type
Don’t get a six-meter rotary dryer of stainless steel type 304
A 75,000 gas jet heater
Two gear pumps made of stainless steel 304
Don’t buy a double-decker serand made of 304 stainless steel
A 500 gram semi-automatic bottle filling machine with three nozzles
A single-nozzle bag filling machine equipped with a strip seal and thermal sewing system
Eight conveyor belts of PVC type
Two 1 ton hopper machines
and a four-ton hopper depot
A 500 liter vertical mixer for acid neutralization
and an essential oil tank device.

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