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Industrial and civil engineering

What is Serand?
Sarand is a type of wire sieve that is used to spread soil and sand. In essence, Sarand means soil rake, sieve, sieve, and this is the opposite of sieving. The serand device is a sieve device that is known as barley and the like (coarse spring wire sieve for sowing soil and grain) and this is a type of sieve whose springs are wide and more soil is spread with it. This device is used for different production lines.

Screens are equipment used for granulation and separation of mineral and industrial materials from 350 microns to 350 mm and are produced in one or more floors and the floors are installed on top of each other and its springs are smaller from top to bottom. A specific weight of the desired material is poured on the upper floor of the sander and the set of sanders are placed on a special rotating sander machine, which moves the sander with a suitable mechanism (vibration, oscillation, oscillation-vibration).

Sieves are used to separate all waste materials and unwanted waste as well as impurities in raw materials. This device actually performs sieving operations related to settling raw materials and separating materials in different devices. It can be produced in different sizes, types and volumes with various output tonnage in Salimi Azar company



Application of all kinds of industrial methods

Industrial nets are made of strong steel. This type has nets of different lengths and widths, each of which has different uses.


The vibrating sieve has a strong and resistant structure, which is used to separate materials from 350 mm to 500 microns. This type has the ability to install and replace the net quickly and easily using crepe


Grizzly sieves are made of wear-resistant steel to be resistant to abrasion. This type has grids with a trapezoidal cross-section and are used for sieving larger grains.


Shatoti sieve or reciprocating sieve are similar to manual sieve in terms of performance, in that it separates materials with reciprocating movements. This type is usually used for small or medium factories.

Application of various types of industrial equipment

It is very practical and in addition to construction industries, it is used in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical or industrial industries such as soil, beans, etc. This device is one of the tools that works with the help of hand vibration. The vibration of this device is created with the help of a vibration motor. This device is generally designed and produced from steel, iron or semi-steel.

Sand and soil machine

One of the most widely used and largest devices is related to the construction industry. This device is used to separate materials such as sand, waste such as branches and leaves, etc.

The bean processing machine

Another important application is sieving beans. This device is used in bean factories to separate small and large beans. This will increase the quality of the product and thus increase the sales. For example, in olive factories, using this machine, large and small olives are separated from each other.

Paper mill machine

It is used in cardboard and paper factories, which are used to separate glue and nylon from paper pulp.



Advantages of using Serand

In some industries, the granulation stage is very important, such as the food industry. For example, in the food industry, the separation of small and large products has a significant impact on the final product. For example, in the production and packaging of beans, the size of the seeds has an impact on the final price.