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Industrial conveyor belt

By using an industrial conveyor belt, many materials can be transported to spaces such as underground or high altitudes such as the roof.

The industrial conveyor reduces the number of accidents and prevents workers from going to dangerous places in terms of height, bad weather, etc.

The resistance of the industrial conveyor against wear in an industrial conveyor is one of the main factors that determine its lifespan.

The tensile force of the conveyor belt in the industrial conveyor belt is very important in places where sharp objects such as lime, sand are transported.

What is a conveyor belt?

Stay with Salimi Machinery to continue explaining this section. Conveyor belt systems are mechanically operated devices that transport objects and in all food production applications; Packaging etc… are common. Conveyor belts are used in most material transportation industries to move bulk materials or packages. In the following, we will introduce the types of conveyor belts.


Types of conveyors

Simple conveyor belt

Chain conveyor

Stud conveyor

Magnetic conveyor  


Conveyor building

Guidance system

Cleaning system

Mobile power transmission system

Exit and unloading system

Loading system

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