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  • Detergent powder production line
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  • Horizontal industrial mixer
Horizontal mixer

When talking about a mixer, it should be defined as a set of machines or devices that are used to mix or combine raw materials. Raw materials can be considered in solid-to-solid, solid-to-liquid, and liquid-to-liquid phases in these devices to combine.

Washing powder production line

The washing powder production line is an industrial production line used to produce washing powder. This production line includes various stages including raw materials, compounding, grinding, mixing, packaging and labeling. The first step in the washing powder production line,

Packaging filling machine

As it is clear from the filling machine, this machine is a device for filling a specific volume of solid products including products (powder and granular) or liquids with different viscosities and densities in glass, plastic, metal bottles or all kinds of envelopes with materials Different.

Batching of concrete

Concrete batching is an industrial process used to produce concrete. In this process, various concrete components such as cement, sand, aggregate and water are mixed with precise proportions to obtain the final concrete. This process includes several steps that we will explain below:

Under-displacement and double-wall mixers

Displacement and double wall mixers are tools used to mix different materials in different industries. These devices use double walls to prevent temperature changes and maintain optimal conditions for the materials in them.

Rotary dryer

Rotary dryer: This machine is one of the types of industrial dryers that are used to dry granular and powder materials in high tonnages.

Horizontal double wall industrial mixer

There are many companies and manufacturers that produce different types of mixers and reactors. Double wall steel mixer is one of the products that has special applications. Mixers are generally introduced with a numerical expression at the beginning of the word “wall”, both in the type with a tank and in the type without a tank.

Industrial conveyor belt

A conveyor belt (conveyor belt) is actually a transport device or part of a belt material transfer system (which is often called a belt or conveyor belt in short). Belt material transfer system which is also called belt conveyor

Salimi Azar industrial machine

Mashin Sanat Salimi Azar is proud to be a manufacturer of industrial machines and production lines, as well as to provide scientific and technical engineering services in the field of import and trade and international contracts, as well as receiving representation and providing foreign trade advice to import and trading companies. Pay for export.

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Salimi Azar industrial machine

As a manufacturer and importer of industrial machinery and production lines, Salimi Azar Industrial Machinery is proud to provide scientific services in the field of import and trade and international contracts, as well as receiving representation and providing foreign trade advice to import and export trading companies. .

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